Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cheapest Dedicated Servers

After dirt cheap shared hosting reviews, I thought of listing some of the cheapest dedicated server offers. Most of them are unmanaged, which is expected for cheap dedcated servers.

1. Dedicated Servers offers some of the cheapest dedicated server plans. Their rates starts from a very low $39.00 per month. A reasonable linux dedicated server will be available for approx: $59.00 per month.

Good thing about is you will get a real dedicated server at the price of a VPS. The hardware, network and overall company reputation is good.

On the flip side, it is going to be managed and they will charge for any extra work, which is not hardware or network related. Also there is a setup fee.

If you just want a small dedicated server and you can manage it yourself, is an excellent host.

2. Serverpronto dedicated server

Server pronto is another cheap dedicated hosting company. They offer a range of servers from the cheapest to the high end send servers.

Their starter plan start from $29.00 per month! For approx $70.00 per month, you will get a reasonably good dedicated server.

To justify the cheap rates, they charge for anything that is above the scope of a self managed server. If you are going to request more than a few reboots per month, be prepared to pay for that! They also charge for custom services at $75.00 per half hour.

Serverpronto is again a good option if you can manage the server yourself. Very economical for webmasters who know what they are doing!

3. 1and1 Managed Server

1and1 must sound like a surprise addition to a list of cheapest hosts. But they actually are a very affordable host! Among managed servers, i could not find any good company that is as cheap as 1and1. Getting a managed server for $100 per month is a good deal!

Their price starts with 49.99 pounds which is approx $95.00. This is not a self managed server, the hosts will take care of monitoring, managent and maintenance! They also offer 100mbps connection, which is really good. Overall, 1and1 is a good option if you are looking for a cheap managed server.


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